Trendy Top - Say Goodbye To Muffin Tops, Peeking Underwear and Exposed Midsections with this Perfect Band for Low Rise Jeans!

Getting bothered by strangers who see your underpants peeking out of your low rise jeans? Having trouble with your belly bulging out between your shirt and your pants, otherwise known as muffin top? Maybe it's not you, but your girlfriend. Or perhaps it's your daughter who is getting odd looks from other juniors. Don't you just wish you could cover that middle up, without compromising your fashion? For women, suffering for fashion is part of their lives, but not all sacrifices are necessary. You can now cover up that muffin top and hide that peeking panty, with the Trendy Top™. The Trendy Top is a form fitting band that covers up your midriff, and does it in style. It has the look of a long top that gives you that trendy layered look without the bulk of several items of clothing. With the trendy top you can now sit, squat, bend over, dance and even summersault without worrying about unwanted exposure. The Trendy Top will go perfectly with your jeans, skirts, shirts or tops. It comes in white, black, beige and grey, so you can pick one to fit your day's fashion flavor. Get your Trendy Tops today, and cover up in style.

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