Swivel Brite - Have a Special Mirror for the More Delicate Makeup and Face Enhancement Work that You Do

It is no secret that women want to look great and if possible at all times and one of the ways that women employ in order to achieve this would be to wear makeup. If you love to wear makeup and want to get every detail done right then Swivel Brite™ is the mirror that will help you achieve this. While applying makeup with a regular mirror in front is doable, it would be very easy to miss out on the fine details of the makeup which, when not done properly, can actually ruin your overall look. The Swivel Brite prevents this from bothering you. As seen on www.swivelbrite.com, all you need to do is to attach the SwivelBrite magnetic suction cup base and then attach the mirror onto the base's curved magnet. The Swivel Bright features a mirror that will provide an image that is 5x larger, which makes the Swivel Brite perfect for fine make up work, plucking of eyebrows and the like. The Swivel Brite also features LED lights around the bezel of the mirror so you will be able to get added illumination which will ensure that you will be able to get the best make up work for your face with as minimal hassles and distractions as possible.

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