RX for Brown Skin - Fantastic Skin Products for People of Color. From Dr. Susan Taylor

According to Dr. Susan Taylor, the trusted authority in the dermatology for women of color, the fundamental similarity of people in many aspects does not include their skin. Dr. Susan Taylor believes that women of color deserve to have a special skincare solution that will meet the needs of their skin type. That is why she formulated RX for Brown Skin®. Developed exclusively for the dermatological needs of African Americans, Latinas, South Asians and other ethnicities that have a black, brown, or darker skin tone, RX for Brown Skin is one of the only skin products that effectively fights skin imperfections brought by hyper-pigmentation. Aside from dark marks and blemishes, RX for Brown Skin also moisturizes the skin to prevent dryness and irritation. As seen on www.tryrxtoday.com, the ingredients in this product include Melanostatine 5, Beta-White, Tyrostine, MFA Complex, pomegranate extract, soy extract, and hyaluronic acid. These ingredients have been specially formulated to help with melanin problems, pigmentation issues, and discolored skin, as well as producing even skin tone and healthier skin overall. RX for Brown Skin is one of the few skin treatment system dedicated for women of color. In addition, RX for Brown Skin has received fantastic comments and reviews from customers who took the chance to buy the product for themselves.

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