Pedi Pistol - The Perfect Pedicure Tool For Salon Quality Toenails, Thanks to its Extra Long Pedicure Pistol

Pedi Pistol™ is the perfect solution to getting beautiful, salon quality feet all the time. This is especially good for women who have trouble bending down because they may have back pain. With Pedi Pistol, women have access to a great home pedicure tool. This is because with its extra long arm, it is easy to reach your toenails without having to stoop forward. The pedicure pistol comes with five precision crafted sculpting heads. First, there is the diamond cone that is used to file and shape thick toenails. Second, there is the shaping cone which is great for smoothing uneven surfaces and relieving shoe pressure. Third, the emory head, can easily remove tough calluses and rough skin at the heels of your feet. Fourth is the soft felt cone that is great for buffing nails until they achieve a beautiful, natural shine-no need to polish. Finally, the satin bristle brush gives your toenails a wonderful finishing touch. It removes nail dust, and works in harmony with oils and cuticle creams. Reviews of Pedi Pistol include that of a pregnant woman who saved money on salon bills thanks to Pedi Pistol. Another woman said her bad back made it difficult to reach her feet, but with Pedi Pistol, she can have a beautiful pedicure all the time.

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