PedEgg Magic Slippers - Easily Remove Calluses and Dead Skin from Your Feet Without the Hassle

Your daily activities can put a lot of strain onto your feet and that this can cause friction between your feet and the footwear that you use, causing calluses as well as dead skin which can ruin the appearance of your feet. If you are looking for a product that will allow you to easily remove these dead skin from your fee then PedEgg Magic Slippers™ is the product for you to use. As seen on, what's great about PedEgg Magic Slippers is that all you need to do is to wear it over your feet and leave it for a few minutes. The Ped Egg Magic Slippers feature an exfoliating blend that penetrates deep into the callused or dead skin on your feet and that after just some time you simply need to peel the skin off of your feet, revealing the smooth and healthy skin underneath without the need for you to vigorously scrub your feet which can be painful and can actually cause you injuries. The PedEgg Magic Slippers formula also features a moisturizing component which will ensure that the feet on your skin stay soft and smooth even after exfoliating the calluses and dead skin off of it, ensuring that the skin on your feet will look great.

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