My Foldaway Mirror - Make Applying Makeup a Lot Easier to Get Right with this Product

Applying makeup is an effective way for women to enhance their overall appearance, but the fact is that without a good mirror and adequate lighting, this can be quite hard to achieve. If you are looking for a product that will really help make applying makeup a lot easier to do then the My Foldaway Mirror™ is the product that you should get. As seen on, what’s great about the MyFoldawayMirror is that it features 2 mirrors in one. One mirror is a standard yet high quality mirror which will allow you to see your face clearly. The other side features 10x magnification, so you will be able to really see the minute details of your makeup application. Also, what’s great about these mirrors is that they have bright LED rights around them, so you will be able to get enough lighting for accurate makeup application. To make the whole process a lot easier for you to do, the My Foldaway Mirror features distortion-free glass which ensures a clear mirror image all the time, along with a 13-inch height extension so the mirror can be positioned close to you and not you having to position yourself closer to the mirror. With this product, the whole makeup application process will definitely be faster and will be a lot easier to get perfect too.

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