Meaningful Beauty - Cindy Crawford's Skin Care Secret Promises Glowing Beauty and Radiance That Lingers and Lasts

Meaningful Beauty® is Cindy Crawford's secret behind her ageless skin. For 14 years, she has enjoyed the benefits of Meaningful Beauty's skin care regimen kit which include a toner and cleanser. As a regular user of these, Cindy Crawford has owned the glowing skin that truly identifies her. She owes this all, she says, to a collaboration with Dr. Jean Louise Sebagh, Europe's anti-aging specialist whom Allure Magazine calls the 'Youth Guru'. Dr. Sebagh treats huge celebrities and top models around the world. They keep going back, because they enjoy immediate and lasting results. What is the secret behind Meaningful Beauty? Dr. Sebagh discovered a unique formula with its leading ingredient found in a melon in the remote southern region of Avignon, France. Scientists discovered the melon contains a super antioxidant. In 12 days ordinary melons decay, but this French melon stays beautiful and preserved. Dr. Sebagh used the super antioxidant from this melon to formulate a powerful serum that shields the skin, and encourages natural collagen creation. The face visually looks much tighter, wrinkles diminish, there is a lifted appearance around the eyes, pore size reduces, and there is decreased redness. Does Meaningful Beauty Work? Lady's Home Journal says it does, while Vogue magazine calls it magic. Reviews by model, actress and writer Mariel Hemmingway, actress Roselyn Sanchez, and triathlete and model Lokelani McMichael tell the story.

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