Hair Bean - Painlessly Untangle Your Hair with this Revolutionary Brush

Are you fed up with the painful process of untangling your hair with a brush? Do you want to prevent your hair from getting damaged and dulled by stiff and callous brushes? Then the Hair Bean™ is just what you need. Believe it or not, it is possible to brush tangles away from your hair without pain or damage to your delicate locks. The Hair Bean runs smoothly and easily through even the most tangled hair. Whether you have straight or curly hair, whether it is wet or dry, whether your hair is thick or thin, whether you hair is short or long, the Hair Bean will brush all the tangles away with ease. The secret lies in its alternating rows of high and low bristles, with European Memory Flex Technology. The specially designed bristles lift and separate tangles instead of forcefully pushing through them like regular brushes, avoiding damage and loss of hair. The Hair Bean hair detangling brush will glide easily through your hair without pulling out any of the strands, and its bean shape ensures that it is easy to hold and handle for practically anybody in the family. Reviews and testimonials agree that the Hair Bean is indeed a revolutionary new step in hair detangling that you should not do without. Do it for your hair, get the Hair Bean today.

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