Glam Twirl - The Easy to Use Styling and Braiding Tool

Getting twirls and various hairstyles are things that girls really love, but can be quite time consuming and a hassle to do. If you want to give your little girl a very easy and fun way for her to get the funky and quirky hair twirls that she wants, then the Glam Twirl™ is the styling and braiding tool that is perfect for her. With it, you can give your little girl unique, fun and colorful hairstyles without the bother. In the old days, you and your sister, mother or friend spend hours trying to properly and neatly twirl or wrap hair and despite your best efforts, you still cannot get the perfectly twirled hair that you want. With the Glam Twirl however, you can easily do it for your daughter. All you need to do is attach some of your girl's hair onto the Glam Twirl, flip a switch, and the Glam Twirl does all the twirling for you. This can work with any length hair so your child could enjoy this for a long time. You can also use the wrap attachment along with the Glam Twirl in order to wrap your girl's hair with colored threads to further enhance the looks. You can even add beads and other accessories to your child's hair. With the Glam Twirl, you get to give colorful and unique looking hairstyles to your little girl fast and easy.

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