Genie Slim Jeggings - Reviews Say These Have the Comfort of Leggings with the Great Looks of Jeans

Jeans are one of those fashions that never go out of style, but the problem with jeans is that it can be quite difficult to find one that perfectly complements your body unless you have one tailored, and when they are tailored, they can be quite uncomfortable to wear, especially for extended periods. With the Genie Slim Jeggings™ however, you will not have the above mentioned problems. On the outside, Genie Slim Jeggings look just like real jeans and with the similar look, gives the Slim Jeggings the versatility and classic style that jeans have. When you get to feel or wear the SlimJeggings however, you will get to notice a huge difference and that is on the feel that they have. Despite looking just like authentic jeans, the Jeggings are actually very soft and stretchable just like leggings are. Reviews really love this aspect of the Genie Slim Jeggings, due to the fact that they can enjoy the look of jeans while feeling comfortable as well, even if they wore the Slim Jeggings for the whole day. Also, due to the stretchable nature of Jeggings, users also love the shaping and lifting effects that the Jeggings gives, making their buttocks and legs look smooth and shapelier compared to conventional jeans.

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