Genie Shaper Brief - Instant Body Slimming and Shaping Perfect for Women

Did you know that you can look sexier and a lot shapelier in just an instant? With the Genie Shaper Brief™, all you need to do is put it on, and be amazed as you instantly look a lot slimmer and sexier. With the Genie Shaper Brief, you do not need to go through hours of strenuous exercise and the suffering and inconvenience of crash diets, as the Genie Shaper Brief will give you a slimmer and firmer look right away. The Genie Shaper Brief achieves this amazing shaping effect by employing the revolutionary 360 Slimming Technology that allows it to shape and transform key areas of your body that are common problem areas that make women feel fat and uncomfortable. The built-in seamless shaper helps to smooth and tone flabby and fat areas of your abdomen comfortably. The Genie Shaper Brief features three zones of comfortable compression in order to target areas like your midsection and waist. This helps to eliminate muffin tops and love handles that can have a negative impact on your look. The full coverage brief also compresses your derriere, giving you a fuller and firmer looking rear. So if you have an important occasion to go to and you want to look extra special and sexy, then the Genie Shaper Brief will give you that sexier figure that you want right away.

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