Generac OneWash - Reviews Say This Will Be the Best Power Washer You Will Use for All Your Cleaning Needs

Are you tired of having to use different types of cleaning materials and hoses in order to wash the different parts and objects in your home? That will not be the case anymore if you have a Generac OneWash™ power washer. This extremely versatile power washer features variable pressure control at a turn of a dial, making it useable for a myriad of cleaning functions. To use, all you need to do is to match what you will be cleaning to the icons on the Generac OneWash's dial whether it is your car, your garden, the windows or other parts of your house, and the power wash will automatically adjust its water pressure settings to suit your cleaning needs. In order to provide the power needed for the Generac OneWash to be versatile enough, it features a 212cc engine that is the largest in its class. As seen on, this allows the Generac One Wash to be toned down for delicate cleaning uses, while maximum power can be used for the tougher cleaning jobs around your house. A lot of reviews love the fact that they do not need to buy different power washers for different parts of their house since they already have the Generac OneWash. They also love the fact that maintenance is made easy as well, thanks to the Generac OneWash having its own oil and water sensor and warning systems to notify users of maintenance needs.

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