Garry Vacuum - The Ultralite Upright Vacuum Cuts Cleaning Time in Half with its High Power Advanced Envion Motor

With the Garry Vacuum™ cleaning is faster, better, and easier to do. This upright vacuum is ultralite, at only 9 pounds so it is easier on your back. Its lay-flat design lets it easily go under the lowest surfaces without having to move furniture. Plus, with the complete selection of on-board tools, the Garry vacuum can even clean upholstery, blinds, sofas--any surface, seamlessly. Blame this on its advanced envion motor, which is situated inside the vacuum cleaner at rug or floor level. This allows it to maximize air flow and gives you 40% more suction power. At just one pass, your floors is clean. The quad cut bristles rotate at over 6600 RPMs, gently releasing deep down dirt, and grooming the delicate fibers to increase the life of your carpet. Garry uses hypo allergenic filtration to clean and purify the air capturing dust, dirt, pet dander, allergens, bacteria and germs, then traps them in a self sealing disposable bag, which is easily placed in the trash bin. No wonder the Garry vacuum is top rating, and was awarded the seal of approval by the Carpet and Rug Institute. Reviews of satisfied users include Crystall who said, 'One sweep over the floor, and it was done.' Naomi said,, 'The Garry definitely cut my cleaning time in half.'

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