Foamazing - The Foam Gun that Sprays Off Dirt and Grime and Leaves Things Clean

There are many cleaning agents and devices out there, but there are none as amazing as Foamazing™. Able to spray foam up to a distance of 12 feet, Foamazing will be your number one weapon in the war against crud and grime in and around your home. You will find yourself shooting the powerful cleaning foam all over your house. Shoot it up to gutters and second story windows. Shoot down onto tile, paving and decks. Shoot straight onto fences, windows and gates. Then be foamazed as you wash it away with any hose. Crud, grime, dirt, all of those unwanted stains in and around your home will be gone. The Foamazing foam gun comes in an easy to use spray can that will be your constant cleaning companion. The thousands of tiny bubbles you can shoot up to 12 feet in distance will break up dirt and built up crud. It will also deodorize with its fresh scent. Then you just have to hose down the foam with water, and be amazed at the cleaner and fresher home you now have. Other cleaning sprays won't give you the convenience of Foamazing. No need for ladders, because you can spray Foamazing from the ground. No need for getting on your hands and knees, just spray Foamazing onto the pavement. No need for rags and cloths, Foamazing will break up the dirt for you. Get Foamazing today, and shoot all that dirt away.

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