Firma-Face XR - The All Over Skin Tightener by Jennifer Flavin Stallone That is Generating Positive Reviews Everywhere

Firma-Face XR™ is an all over skin tightener by Jennifer Flavin Stallone, Founder of Serious Skin Care, a company that she launched 17 years ago and is one of the most successful companies in the beauty industry. Firma Face XR is the only facial firmer that has been clinically proven to visibly lift, tighten, soothe and tone your entire face instantly, making you look years younger within minutes. This is because Firma Face XR penetrates deep into the skin's pores at the first application. Wrinkles and lines are firmed and lifted from the inside out. After just 3 minutes, simply splash away the top layer of Firma Face XR, and you leave behind invisible, time released micro tighteners that work from within your skin surface. Even better, applying moisturizer and makeup reactivates Firma Face XR, giving your entire face, neck and decollete an instant lift effect, making you look younger all day. A review by Stallone noted that 100% in their study who tried Firma Face reported their skin felt immediately firmer after only one application. Other reviews: Pam, 41, felt ecstatic that now she doesn't need to get injections, nor plastic surgery. Jewelle, 48, tried other products but never saw anything like Firma Face. And Michele, 56, said 'It's the best thing I have ever seen.'

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