Eureka AirSpeed Ultra - Reviews Say this is the Best Bagless Vacuum in the Market Today

Are you looking for a vacuum cleaner that is powerful for general cleaning purposes yet at the same time is light enough for more convenient and ergonomic use? The Eureka AirSpeed Ultra™ is the perfect vacuum for you. It is a powerful vacuum cleaner that can easily clean a wide variety of surfaces yet at the same time is light and easy to carry around the house or office. The Eureka AirSpeed Ultra is bagless, which accounts for its low weight. It is light enough that you can lift it with just one hand. Despite its low weight, the Eureka AirSpeed Ultra does not compromise on power. Eureka's Air Speed Technology allows for direct and efficient air flow from the base of the vacuum to the cup. This efficient airflow increases the suction power of this vacuum. In fact, the Eureka has very strong suction power that it has been shown to be able to lift a 3,000 pound car. This strong suction power makes it very easy to clean a wide variety of surfaces and materials using Eureka, and that various user reviews and testimonials show that cleaning time has been drastically reduced and made a lot easier with the use of the Eureka AirSpeed Ultra.

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