Easy Feet - Keep Your Feet Clean, From The Bottom of the Sole To The Top, With This Delightful Device

Whether it's because you are lazy to bend over or sit down, or because you really don't have the flexibility to reach your feet, trying to clean them while taking a bath is really a bothersome task. But you do have to keep your feet clean and well groomed. How else will you wear fashionable heels, sexy sandals, or comfortable flip-flops? That's why Easy Feet™ was invented, because you do have to wash your feet and keep the bottom of your sole clean, but you don't have to strain yourself in the process. Easy feet easily attaches to any bathroom wall or floor surface. Once it is in place, it will never come off, until you want to move it elsewhere. All you have to do is slip your feet, one at a time, into the comfy cleaning alcove that Easy Feet Creates to wash and clean your feet. The bristles will gently exfoliate and clean your feet, going even in between your toes. Easy Feet even has a pumice stone that work your tired heel, and bring out its soft and smooth skin that is lurking beneath. And it does all this without you having to bend over or stretch. It will be as easy as putting a slipper on, but will clean like a pro. Get Easy Feet today!

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