Dr Harts Power Floss - An Effective and Pain-Free Way to Floss Your Teeth

Along with brushing your teeth; flossing is another very important part of your tooth care as it helps to remove food, debris and bacteria that may be stuck in between your teeth but the problem with flossing is that it can be quite difficult to do and can cause trauma and stress to your gums, causing bleeding and pain. If you are looking for an easy to do, hassle-free way to floss your teeth then Dr Harts Power Floss™ is the product for you. Traditional flossing requires you to use a string and have it go in between your teeth to remove the plaque and dirt, and doing so can cause the aforementioned tooth and gum problems. As seen on www.getpowerfloss.com, Dr Hart's PowerFloss however uses air and water pressure instead of a string to blast out the dirt and plaque from your teeth and gums. All that you need to do is load the Dr Hart's Power Floss with water, aim the tip onto the desired area on your teeth, press a button, the gentle yet effective pressure from the device should be able to easily remove the dirt in between teeth. You can also choose to load mouthwash into the Power Floss for an even fresher flossing experience.

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