Custom Genie Bra - Women Give Amazing Reviews for the Bra That Gives Custom Fit Sizing, Even for In Between Sizes

Traditional bras give women a hard time as they can become very uncomfortable to wear especially during long periods and that they can highlight unwanted bulges and fat on your back and sides. If you are looking for a bra that will give you a comfortable fit throughout the day, as well as make you look sexier, then the Custom Genie Bra™ is definitely for you. It is a revolutionary bra that will give women of different sizes a custom fit that is very comfortable. The secret to the Custom Genie Bra are its multi positional straps that give you 30 individual placements along the front and back of the bra. This feature allows you to come up with a wide variety of strap placement combinations that will give you all the comfort and support that you need. You can also position the bra straps to go along with whatever outfit you may be wearing. The Custom Genie Bra also gives you adequate support in three critical zones: The bust, side and bust zones. The bust zone support gives you all the lift that you need in order to give you comfort and give your bust a sexy form as well. The side and back zones also give adequate support, as well as help smoothen out bulges and spillage to give you a sexier look. Many reviews praise the Custom Genie Bra for its versatility as well as the support and comfort that it gives.

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