Cover Me Cami - Reviews Say this is the Best Cami That You Can Buy Today

The conventional cami may be very comfortable to wear, but can actually bunch up if you use it as an undershirt, or can actually reveal some parts of the body that you do not want to be seen intentionally. The Cover Me Cami™ however, solves all of these problems. It is a specially designed, extra-long cami that will give you all of the protection and comfort that you are looking for from a conventional cami, without revealing too much of your body. According to the manufacturer, the Cover Me Cami covers the Three B's that needs adequate covering: your bust, belly and your backside. Due to its increased length, the Cover Me Cami can easily cover the above mentioned Three B's, preventing you from accidentally revealing too much than what you want other people to see. Cover Me Cami also features a No Slip Strip around the bottom, which helps keep the Cover Me Cami stay in place as you go through your daily routines. The Cover Me Cami even makes you look slimmer, thanks to the Flex Knit Fabric that compresses your body to give you a more slender looking figure without scarifying comfort. Reviews love that the Cover Me Cami is extremely comfortable, yet is versatile enough to be used in a wide variety of occasions without sacrificing comfort and style.

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