ComfiZip - Review this Comfortable Front-Closure Bra that Provides Comfort without Wires, Clasps, or Painful Straps

So many women struggle to find just the right bra for them. Most bras that promise comfort provide very little support. Those bras that do provide support are often difficult to put on and hard to wear. ComfiZip™ is a front closure bra that provides both support and comfort. The wireless ComfiZip bra is designed with a zipper in the front, instead of metal clasps in the back. This lets you get dressed easily without fumbling to close your bra. And it lets you undress just as quickly. Straps on traditional bras can dig into your shoulders and even damage your skin over time. But Comfi Zip uses memory foam straps that are comfortable and prevent indentation. The specially designed side contour panels provide support for your underarms, while the contours located in the cups provide lift for your bustline. ComfiZip is created from a blend of soft nylon and elastane (an ingredient found in leading shapewear). These materials provide comfort and ensure that the bra remains in place without riding up. The cross support in the back even helps to improve your posture as you wear it while eliminating the prospect of bulging back fat. ComfiZip is the perfect bra for any kind of activity you need to do, and it looks good under any kind of clothing. This bra is so comfortable that you may even forget you're wearing it! ComfiZip is machine washable and is available in your choice of white, nude, or black colors.

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