Clever Mop - Reviews Say this is the Most Revolutionary Way to Clean Your Floors

When it comes to floors and other wide, flat surfaces, the mop is definitely the go-to cleaning tool. However, if you find it quite messy and dirty when cleaning with the conventional mop and pail combo then you should switch to the Clever Mop™. It is a revolutionary take on the conventional mop that will surely make cleaning your floors a whole lot easier. With a pail and mop combo, you will be recycling dirty from your mop to the pail when you wash it. Also, getting the mop dry can be extremely messy as well. This is not a problem with the Clever Mop thanks to the Twin Bucket System which allows you to carry dirty water to rid your mop of dirt and clean water to prep your mop for cleaning all in a single pail. Also, the Clever Mop pail features a rotating basket which will actuate as you step on the pedal. Combine this with the 360-degree swiveling head of the Clever Mop and you should be able to clean and rinse your mop really easy without any mess. A lot of reviews love the fact that not only does the Clever Mop make it easy to clean floors with little mess, but the unique features also help prevent the spread of bacteria and dirt around the house.

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