Chalk Crazy - Reviews Say This Chalkboard Manicure Kit Has Taken their Nail Art to the Next Level

Do you notice that the same nail polish colors and trends are being used today? If you want to do away with the now conventional trends and want your nails to truly stand out, then Chalk Crazy™ is definitely the perfect manicure kit for you. It is a unique chalkboard manicure kit that will surely do wonders to your nails, and will make them truly beautiful and unique as well. While a lot of nail polishes and art are shiny, Chalk Crazy features a matte formula and that alone will already make your nails stand out. To apply, all you need to do is to brush on the chalkboard matte polish like you would a regular nail polish. Let it dry for a few minutes, and once it is, you can now doodle and make your own designs on your nails using the Chalk Pens included in the kit. Once you are done, simply apply the matte top coat finish in order to seal whatever doodles or designs you may have applied on y our nails. Reviews love the easy to use nature of the ChalkCrazy kit, as your creativity is the only limitation when it comes to the designs that you can put on your nails. And since you can easily apply Chalk Crazy on your nails and create your own funky and vibrant nail designs, you will be able to have great looking, creatively designed nail art on a daily basis if you wish.

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