Briggs & Stratton PowerFlow Plus - Reviews Say This is a Powerful, Versatile and Easy-to-Use Pressure Washer

A pressure washer is one of the best cleaning tools that a man can use, especially for outdoor cleaning jobs like washing the patio, the car and many other outdoor related cleaning tasks. If you are tired of the inconveniences and limitations that a conventional pressure washer has however, then a switch to the Briggs & Stratton PowerFlow Plus™ is something that you will surely love. The PowerFlow Plus combines all the power and useful of a pressure washer into a much more compact, portable and intuitive to use machine. With conventional pressure washers, you will have needed to use a pull cord to start the engine which is very effort-requiring and time consuming. The Power Flow on the other hand features push-button-to-start technology, making it faster and more convenient to use. The PowerFlow Plus is not only very easy to start, but a lot of reviews say they love the other inclusions to the package like the Flexible Hose, a 7-in-1 Nozzle, high pressure water pump and the ergonomically designed washer gun. Users say that with these added features, the PowerFlow Plus is not only a powerful washer that can spray water with up t0 3000psi of pressure, but it is also convenient and versatile enough for a lot of cleaning tasks. The machine is also very fuel efficient and uses as little water as possible without compromising on its cleaning potential.

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