Bona Mop - Works Best on Your Hardwood Floor With its Microfiber Mop Pad For a Professional Clean and Sheen

The Bona Mop® takes away the need to clean your hardwood floors with vinegar, all purpose cleaners, or just dust mops that leave a dull pallor on your floors. With Bona Mop you get a professional quality cleaning that works well with your hardwood floors. In fact, a review shows Bona has been the world leader in hardwood floor care since 1919. Imagine, this professional cleaner is now available for your home. Bona's cleaner is also nontoxic. Combined with their durable premium microfiber spray mop, floor care becomes a procedure that is quick, easy and safe. You need not bother with mixing, clumsy buckets, or batteries that wear out with Bona. You simply spray and clean, and you have the confidence in knowing that what you use is safe for your floors, your family, and the environment. Even better, the Bona mop is economical. The pads are washable and reusable, unlike disposables, and this mop is built to last. Indeed, you can direct your sprays exactly where you want it to go. You maintain perfect control with cleaning, and unlike dust mops that simply move the dust around, you have confidence that with the Bona Mop and spray cleaner, it's goodbye to every last speck of dust.

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