Bissell Symphony - The Versatile, All-in-One Vacuum and Steam Cleaner Mop

The need to bring and use different cleaning tools in order to clean your floors can make cleaning tough and a lot of hassle to do. So why bring a steam cleaner, a vacuum and a mop in order to clean the different floor surfaces in the house when the Bissell Symphony™ can do all of those functions in just one hand and easy to use tool? As seen on, the Bissell Symphony combines the cleaning ability of a vacuum cleaner along with the dirt busting power of a steam mop, and will surely make cleaning your floors easy for you. In just a flick of a button, you can switch the Bissell Symphony from steam mop mode, to vacuum mode or even activate both cleaning modes at the same time. What this means is that you will be able to clean various floors inside your home no matter their type, whether concrete, wood, marble, carpet and many more all from just one handy cleaning tool. So don't put up with the many hassles and inconveniences that traditional floor cleaning can give you; switch to the Bissell Symphony to make thorough cleaning of your floors fast and effective without having to switch through different cleaning tools.

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