Bissell PowerGlide - Reviews Rave about this Versatile Pet Upright Vacuum Cleaner

If you do the cleaning of your house or office by yourself then chances are you need 2 separate vacuum cleaners to give your space a thorough cleaning: an upright vacuum cleaner for floors and a handheld vacuum cleaner for those hard to reach and tight areas. With the Bissell PowerGlide™ pet vacuum cleaner however, you only need one vacuum cleaner to fit all of your cleaning needs. What makes the Bissell Power Glide very versatile is that you can transform it from a traditional upright vacuum cleaner into a handheld portable vacuum with ease. And what is great is that despite the transformation, you get no loss in suction power. As seen on, it also features a multi-level filtration system that helps reduce allergens that may get into the air. Now you can go from cleaning your floors, carpets and rugs to cleaning cabinets, tight room corners, furniture surfaces and other hard to reach areas with ease and all with just a single vacuum cleaner. Many reviews state their love for this vacuum cleaner, with some users saying that they were able to cut their cleaning time in half and were able to finish it with a lot of ease all thanks to the Bissell PowerGlide.

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