Big Boss Insta Mop - The Easiest to Use and Most Effective Mop

The mop is the go to cleaning tool for dirty floors as well as for cleaning up mess related to spilled drinks and many more. If you find that the conventional mop is not able to provide you with the cleaning prowess that you want then the Big Boss Insta Mop™ is what you will want to use instead. It is a mop with a lot of ingenious features that will surely make cleaning floors and similar surfaces around your home a much easier task to complete. The Big Boss Insta Mop features super absorbent mop heads that will make it easy to clean spills and liquid mess on your floors around the house. The mop’s 360 degree swivel action allows the InstaMop to clean your floors and other surfaces better than the conventional, static head mop. The Big Boss Insta Mop also features electro static energy that causes pet hair and dust particles to stick to the mop head, making cleaning a whole lot easier. The features also extends to the included bucket, as it features a Dual Bucket Technology which separates your dirty mop water and clean water, ensuring that you do not spread the dirt and bacteria from your dirty water onto your home.

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