Baseboard Buddy - The Fast and Easy Way to Clean Those Difficult to Reach Baseboards

When cleaning your walls and ceilings around the house, it is usually the baseboards that are the most difficult to clean. They are either too high or too low that you will need to use a stool to reach them or go down on your knees in order to scrub them and give them an effective clean. This will not be a problem anymore with the Baseboard Buddy™. It is a tool specially designed with baseboards in mind that will allow you to easily clean these difficult to reach surface without straining your back, legs and knees in the process. The Baseboard Buddy features an expandable handle that makes it very easy for you to clean baseboards on the ceilings or on the bottom of walls. On the tip of the product microfiber cleaning pads that give baseboards a gentle yet at the same time effective scrubbing. You can use the Baseboard Buddy as a dry method of wiping or you can spray or dip the microfiber tip with a cleaning solution of your choice, allowing you to give the baseboards in your house a much more effective clean. The tip of the Baseboard Buddy swivels as well, allowing you to work easily work with the different angles that a baseboard may have.

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