Atomic Blade - Get a Clean Shave without the Needlessly Complexity with this Razor

Shaving facial hair is one of the usual grooming activities that men do but nowadays there are so many types of razors with multiple blades and the like which can make it quite difficult to pick which one is the best or most functional. If you are looking for a razor that is simple yet at the same time effective, then the Atomic Blade™ is the product that you should get. As seen on, the AtomicBlade features the classic single blade razor design, but comes with a number of innovative features that makes this blade highly functional. First off, the Atomic Blade features an all-metal construction making it significantly more durable compared to the predominantly plastic ones you can get today. Also, the Atomic Blade has a mechanical system which securely locks the blade that you will be using in place. Also, the Atomic Blade features blade angle adjustment by twisting the bottom part of the handle, giving you a cleaner and smooth shave. Also, the Atomic Blade comes with a much longer handle for easier and more comfortable shaving. With the Atomic Blade, you get a razor that is very easy to clean, feels solid in the hand, has easily replaceable blades and will last you a very long time, making this razor a cut above the over-engineered and difficult to maintain razors that flood the market today.

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