Ahh Bra - The Original Comfortable Fashion Bra! No More Poking, Pinching, Binding or Chaffing With This Fantastic, Easy To Wear Bra

Do you hate that awful bra bulge and underarm flabbiness that seems to happen no matter what kind of bra you wear? Do you want a wireless bra that doesn't poke or hurt when you wear it, yet fits well and shapes you at the same time? The Ahh Bra™, created by Rhonda Shear, does all that and more. This soft, full coverage bra is made of a seamless, microfiber pullover style that has a ribbed band and ultra wide straps. It's machine washable and can even be put into the dryer! One of the main complaints women make about bras is not knowing how to pick the right size. You don't have to worry about that with the Ahh Bra! It's made of a spandex material that stretches and contracts with your body so even if your weight changes, the Ahh Bra will fit, so sizing isn't a problem. All you need to know is the size of shirt that you wear and you don't have to worry about cup size or any of that at all. The Ahh Bra reviews all rave about the ease of wear, the ease of care and the fact that it's just so comfortable that they can hardly believe it. You get three bras in white, black and nude when you order. Don't waste any more time! Get yourself a set of these marvelous as seen on TV Ahh Bras! You won't ever wear another kind of bra again!

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